Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Limo

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It can be overwhelming to book a limo in Calgary with so many limo service companies online.. We created this article to answer common questions about Calgary limo services and help people find the right one.

If it’s your first time, you’ll have lots of questions to make sure you make an informed decision. Sometimes, all you want is a simple answer without having to talk to someone over the phone or email.

We decided enough is enough. Below are answers to common questions about booking and renting a limo service in Calgary.

Price for a Calgary Limo Service

Why is a limo service to or from the airport more expensive than an Uber, Lyft or taxi?

The price difference between ride-sharing, taxi and limousine services is summed up in the word “value.”

Factors that contribute to the price difference between Calgary limos and ride-sharing services include:
– Year, make and model of vehicle
– Personalized treatment
– Concierge services
– Professional chauffeurs
– Flight tracking

Booking a limo service to the airport is less about getting from point A to B the fastest, and more about the transportation experience during the journey.

Why do Calgary limo rental services have different prices for the exact vehicle?

The company’s size is a significant factor, as overhead costs vary across companies. Limo companies priced higher on the scale may have more employees. Other factors include:
– Year, make and model of vehicle
– Structure of the company (corporation vs sole-proprietor)
– Number of employees
– Included perks such as clean glasses, water, and soft drinks.  

Always understand the benefits you are getting for the price you are paying.

Do Calgary limo services use hourly or distance-based rates?

Most Calgary limo services use an hourly rate system to price their services. This is unlike taxi, Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services which use a distance-based pricing method. However, similar to the flat rate that is usually applied in taxi and rideshare bookings, limo services have a minimum hourly charge.

Why do Calgary limo services charge “drive time” for trips outside the Calgary region?

For destinations without “Calgary AB” in the Google Maps address, some limo services charge an additional “drive time” above the hourly rate. This is considered the fair economical value of driving empty to or from the out-of-town address. For example, for pickup or drop-off in Airdrie, some Calgary limo services charge 30 minutes (or 0.5 hours) of drive time.

Payment for Limo Services

What payment methods are accepted by limo companies?

Most limousine services accept all major credit cards, cash and Interac e-transfer. Some transportation services companies have benefits for corporate accounts or VIP clients that allow more flexible payment options such as by cheque, installments or 30-day rolling invoices.

What is the average tip amount that limo companies charge?

The average tip amount is 20%. Some clients tip by a dollar amount instead of a percentage.

Some limo rental Calgary companies add this tip by default while others ask the client how much tip they want to add. When asking for a price through an online form, ask for a breakdown of your grand total price.

Passenger and Luggage Capacity in a Limo

How many people can you fit in the Hummer limo?

The black Hummer comfortably seats 24 passengers, and the white one seats 20-22 passengers. For more than 24 passengers, we recommend a party bus. The Hummer limo is the perfect choice for celebrating a special event together with a large group of friends or family.

How many people can fit in the Lincoln MKT stretch limo?

The Lincoln MKT stretch limo can seat nine people comfortably. For ten people, we recommend our 12-passenger Ford Expedition stretch limo. This is ideal for celebrating a special occasion with a tight-knit group of friends or with family.

How many people can fit in a business or luxury class sedan?

The maximum number of passengers in the luxury sedan class is three: two at the back and one beside the chauffeur. However, some limo companies in Calgary restrict the number of passengers to two to avoid a passenger sitting besides the chauffeur. The Lincoln Towncar is the perfect option for an airport transfer for two passengers.

How many people and luggage can fit in a business or luxury class SUV (Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade or Yukon Denali)?

The maximum number of passengers (excluding the driver) that can fit in one of the luxury class SUVs that most Calgary limo companies use is either six or seven. This is because some SUVs have two seats in the second row whereas others have three. They all have 3 seats in the third row.

The third row in these SUVs can be folded closed or left up. With the third row seats up, you can fit approximately 6-7 pieces of checked luggage. With the third row seats down, you can fit up to 12 pieces of checked luggage. That makes these luxury vehicles the ideal option for airport transfers for more than 2 people.

How many people can fit in the Ford Expedition stretch limo?

The Ford Expedition stretch limo can fit 12 passengers comfortably.

For more than 12 passengers, we recommend the Hummer stretch limo. The Expedition and Excursion are common limos in the Calgary scene because of the reliable Ford chassis that is used to build this hallmark of luxury transportation.

Additionally, it’s because of importation restrictions that are placed by the Canadian Federal government on certain modified vehicles from the US including limos. Image shows a black Ford Expedition stretch limousine parked on a road with green tress in the background.An image of the interior of a Krystal-built stretch limousine

How many passengers can the Transit van fit?

The Ford Transit van can fit thirteen passengers in the main passenger cabin and one beside the driver. If you have more than 14 passengers, we recommend looking at shuttle buses as they can accommodate 15-30 passengers.Exterior of a black Ford Transit vanInterior of a Ford Transit van with black leather seats

Hours of Operation for Limo Services in Calgary

Do Calgary limo rental services operate 24/7?

Most Calgary limo rental services transport passengers any day and any time although their offices may be closed for the day. However, some companies have dedicated customer care representatives working 24/7 to give quotes and support ongoing limo reservations.

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