Live for the Journey, Not Just The Destination: A Story About Cascade Limo

Image of Cascade Limousine Service's fleet of sedans, SUVs and stretch limos parked outside of McMahon Stadium., Calgary, Home of the Stampeders. The
Image of Cascade Limousine Service's fleet of sedans, SUVs and stretch limos parked outside of McMahon Stadium., Calgary, Home of the Stampeders. The

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Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Well, we at Cascade Limo Service live by these words. In 2023, we celebrated 51 years of doing business and serving the residents of Calgary as well as our local and international visitors with reliable chauffeur services that they can depend on. But who or what is Cascade Limousine Service? This article explores the journey we have taken to get to where we are today.

Our Beginning as a Calgary Limo Service

Panorama of Calgary and Rocky Mountains. Calgary, Alberta, USA

To get from point A to B in Calgary back in the ’70s (when we first opened our doors), you were limited for options; you could walk, drive, catch a train or a taxi. Nowadays, there’s at least a dozen different ways to move around Calgary. Not only that, but the advent of ridesharing services has disrupted the taxi industry and made it more affordable to travel locally by road.

Founded in January 1972 by Cecil “Sam” Cardwell, Cascade Limo started humbly with a single vehicle and blossomed over five decades into a fleet of 20 vehicles. This included sedans, SUVs, vans, and stretch limos. We were founded with a single mission: to provide safe, reliable and premium quality chauffeur services. As a result, we were the first to bring a stretch Hummer and Lincoln stretch limo to Calgary. Sam’s dedication to excellence earned Cascade the honor of being the personal chauffeur for former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed in the late 80s and 90s. Moreover, Cascade has earned the loyalty of corporate and private clientele that have used our limo services in Calgary for decades and still do.

Adopting to the State of the Economy

In 2020, amidst economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam made the decision to entrust Cascade to a new steward, Eric Cauri, a Calgarian with a vision to carry on Sam’s legacy. Eric’s decision to purchase Cascade stemmed from his belief in Cascade’s foundational principles of community support and exceptional customer service. Under Eric’s leadership, Cascade continues to carry on its mandate of providing safe, reliable and premium quality chauffeur and limo services in Calgary.

The Cascade Limo Philosophy: People Over Profits

Our philosophy is simple: “people over profits.” This ethos guides every aspect of the business, ensuring that client satisfaction remains paramount. Recognizing that unforeseen challenges can arise in the transportation industry, we take accountability seriously. For example, should any aspect of service fall short of expectations, the company’s policy dictates full refunds and complimentary upgrades, all accompanied by genuine apologies and a commitment to improvement.

Inspiration and Fulfillment: What Drives Cascade Limo?

A white stretch limo parked in front of a house during winter.

What drives us at Cascade is the opportunity to connect with clients and be a part of their stories. From business trips to leisure outings, every journey facilitated by Cascade is an adventure waiting to unfold. We find fulfillment in knowing that our business contributes not only to crafting lifelong memories for individuals but also to the growth of the broader economic fabric by connecting people and businesses.

Community Engagement and Involvement

Beyond our role as a limo service provider, we actively engage with our community. Eric’s personal involvement in cancer research organizations reflects Cascade’s commitment to social responsibility. Moreover, the company supports various local nonprofit organizations and community projects including the Diamond Valley Youth Foundation and Cerebral Palsy Alberta, demonstrating its dedication to community building.

Is Uber Cascade Limo’s Competition?

Chauffeur opens car's rear door

Cascade distinguishes itself from ride-sharing services by offering a premium experience rooted in luxury, privacy, and accountability. Some of the things that make our airport limo service different from Uber, Lyft and taxis are:

  • Complimentary Meet and Greet in the arrivals terminal and help with your luggage.
  • We track inbound flights to ensure in case of delays or early arrivals, we adjust our schedule to avoid you paying extra for waiting time. We include a complimentary waiting time at the airport for delays with luggage claim.
  • Customized rates and packages to meet individual needs
  • Professionally trained and licensed chauffeurs dressed in formal attire.
  • Professionally cleaned and maintained high-end vehicles
  • We have a diverse in-house fleet has the capacity to transport 1-24 passengers at a time.

Moreover, by keeping revenue within Calgary, Cascade fosters local economic growth and resilience.

Experience the Journey With Cascade Limo Service

Cascade Limousine Service invites you to experience the luxury and comfort of its services. Now is the perfect time to elevate your journey by booking a sedan, SUV, van, stretch limo or party bus for your next
ride to the airport or for a special event. In the world of transportation, Cascade’s limousine service transcends mere conveyance, offering a gateway to unforgettable experiences and unparalleled service. Whether it’s a special occasion or a routine trip, Cascade is committed to making every journey extraordinary.

Frequently asked questions

What year was Cascade Limousine Service founded?

Cascade was founded and registered as a corporation in Alberta, Canada in January 1972.

How many vehicles does Cascade have?

As of May 2024, Cascade has 101 vehicles in our fleet. We have strong relationships with other reliable black car service providers in Alberta, BC, Ontario, Quebec, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Therefore, we are able to coordinate the transportation logistics of our clients anywhere they travel in these locations.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

We require payment upfront for all bookings except for Corporate Account member bookings. 50% is non-refundable and the rest is refundable if cancelled 14 days in advance. We have tailored payment and cancellation solutions to meet the needs of our diverse clientele so ask about them when booking!

What if I have more questions?

See our article Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Limo or contact us by phone, email or visit our Contact Us page.